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Glass Cutting & Delivery Service

We can source, cut, customise, and deliver glass for virtually any commercial or domestic purpose

Here at Maidenhead Glass, we have more than three decades of experience in cutting, fitting and delivering cut glass products of all kinds. Perhaps more importantly, we consult on your projects, utilising all our expertise to deliver the perfect product for your needs.
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We work with an incredibly wide range of glass products. We’ve described a few of the most popular types of glass below, but please do not hesitate to contact us about unique, unusual or bespoke materials or processes. We’ll probably be able to provide exactly what you need.

Clear Toughened Glass – Very popular for commercial and domestic building projects, this strong, durable and safe product offers tremendous versatility.
Crystal Clear and Low Iron Glass – This glass product has a very low iron content, giving it the kind of clarity that rarely fails to invoke the ‘wow factor’.
Laminated Glass – An alternative to traditional Toughened Glass, laminated glass features multiple glass panes wended seamlessly and invisibly together with PVB. Incredibly clear and strong.
Mirrored Glass – We can provide glass with silver, grey or bronze mirroring, as well as with bevelled edges and other customisations.
Satin Finish or Acid Etched Glass – These panels let in light and can be used instead of traditional patterned glass.
Tinted Glass – This could be nearly any type of glass product which includes a chemical tint added during manufacturing. It can be used to limit sunlight or UV penetration, or to provide decorative coloured elements. Many different tones are available.
Coloured – Commonly used as splashbacks with a colour of your choice using low iron toughened glass.
Greenhouse Glass

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Help & Advice

We have delivered hundreds of commercial and domestic projects of all sizes. We’ve worked for clients in the film industry, in shopping centres and in offices of all kinds. We can provide the knowledge, experience and flexible approach you need as well as the most suitable products for your project.

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